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Building Cat Furniture

(Building your own cat furniture is not as difficult as it may sound.1 Learn more about making different pieces and find building plans online.)

Building cat furniture can be fun.1 If you have the proper tools and materials this can be a good, money saving undertaking.1 It can also be great for your home, especially if you have multiple cats.1 Most people do not buy cat furniture from the store because of the cost, but there are many affordable pieces of quality cat furniture out there.1 However, if you are inclined to build a cat tree yourself, that can be easy too.1

It is great to have something for your cats to play on so that you do not have to worry about them tearing up your furniture.1 Building your own cat furniture can save you costs, and can even be built out of spare lumber and materials that you have lying in your garage.1

There are dozens of do-it-yourself cat furniture guides ranging from scratching post, to cat tree plans, to cat gyms or condos.1 Most of them are pretty easy to follow.1

In order to build cat furniture, you are going to need some basic tools such as a hammer, nails, and lumber of the right size and shape.1 You will also need some material to cover it such as fleece, faux fur, or carpet.1 Fleece and faux fur are easier to cut and use when making cat furniture, but carpet is more traditional.1 It is good to have some natural rope to wrap around posts and vertical pieces to make them into scratching posts.1 It is also good to have a few places to attach cat toys.

When you build your cat furniture, here are some tips:
*1 Wrap the pieces that need the carpet or other material before you screw them in
*1 Have a big flat bottom as a support, and a large central column.
*1 Make sure that all of the nails are not protruding.
* Have fun